A CNC Router is a machine tool also known as a milling machine that serves to perform cutting and engraving in a vast variety of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Among the most popular materials for cutting and engraving with a CNC router we find:

Cutting and engraving of wood and MDF with a CNC Router:  All types of wood and its derivatives such as MDF and plywood can be cut and engraved efficiently by a CNC router machine, in fact, it is one of the most popular uses for computerized milling machines. They are used for diverse industries such as:

One of the main advantages of cutting and engraving with a CNC router is that you can make deep cuts of much more than one inch 1″ inch or 25mm of wood without mistreating or burning the material, and it does not matter if the wood is hard or soft, same can be processed. Regarding engraving, the advantages of a CNC router type machine are even more noticeable; full 3D engravings can be made even in 360°, this is impossible to achieve in other technologies, in addition to the same way does not damage or burn wood or MDF.

Cutting and engraving acrylic and Plexiglas with a CNC Router:  Router machines with CNC technology are widely used in industries that cut and engrave acrylic, Plexiglas and other plastics. There are various applications for various industries, but the most common are:

There are several advantages to use with CNC router or milling machine in the industrial acrylic and plexiglass, but the main one is the depth capacity when making cuts, there is really no limit, being able to make cuts and engravings of more than 1 “inch or 25mm thickness, another advantage is that it cuts and records on any acrylic or plexiglass no matter the hardness of these.

Cutting and engraving of aluminum and brass with a CNC Router: The power of the motors or spindles and the diversity of bits or blades available for the CNC router machines allow you to cut and engrave aluminum, brass, and even steel when the power is higher, or capacity is older. It can be used for some applications, but the most common are:

Enter the advantages of using a router-type computerized router for cutting and engraving aluminum, brass and steel are the economy of supply, only use bits or blades that can be recycled and also the thickness of the metal that can be worked, of course It also depends on the motor power or spindle is your CNC router.