About Us

Offices and Warehouse
Orlando, USA
Offices and Warehouse
Guadalajara, México
Factory and Distribution Center
Hangzhou, China


Qustom CNC LLC is the subsidiary in the United States of the multinational QUSTOM CNC EQUIPMENTS CO LTD, a manufacturer of CNC routers, plasma cutters, metal bending and welding machines and thermoforming machines. Our factory founded in 1,999 produces industrial machinery and advertising with high standards and has the ISO 9001 certification in quality. We have a presence in more than 20 countries through our own offices and a network of distributors to whom we manufacture their OEM brands.

Our Mision

To manufacture and provide quality and economic machines for the manufacturing and advertising industry, backed by an efficient, hardworking and service-minded person, so that, through them, our clients can increase their profitability, improve their standard of living and fulfill their dreams.

Our Clients

QUSTOM CNC manufactures machines to make money; our customers are people or factories that seek to consolidate, expand, modernize, optimize or diversify their businesses or companies through the incorporation of a CNC router. We also have a significant percentage of investors who, through a milling machine, will initiate ventures of different kinds. There are many factories that make products for entertainment or pleasure, but in QUSTOM CNC we know and are aware that our customers depend on us and our good work to grow, take their business to the next level and achieve a better quality of life, for that reason we do that and we do it well.

Main Locations

  • Hangzhou, China (Factory)
  • Orlando, USA (Warehouse and Offices)
  • Guadalajara, México (Warehouse and Offices)

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Our most important Suppliers

  • REMA – Alemania
  • TOSHIBA – Japón
  • DAHAO– China
  • DELTA – Taiwan
  • BREVINI – Italia
  • LEADSHINE – China
  • ZAPI – Italia
  • KORDEL – Alemania
  • SHINANO – Japón
  • PEPPERL+ FUCHS – Alemania

Our values

Passion for Quality:

We are obsessed with quality in all aspects, from making good machines to having efficient processes that allow us to give excellent attention and reach you with affordable prices.

Environmental and Social Responsibility:

We contribute to protect the air quality and the environment in general of the work centers of our clients and also of the communities in which we have a presence.

Service vocation:

Through a quality personal attention, we manage to maintain and increase our base of happy customers. Your progress is part of our goals


Our different machines will always be part of the most advanced that can be found in the markets that we participate. We develop and acquire state-of-the-art technology.

For more and more detailed information visit our section “CONTACT US” on this website.