In QUSTOM CNC we are aware that the investment you made when buying your router is primary and elementary for you and your business, we know that this is a money-making machine and that its manufacturing processes or even all your income depend on it. Therefore, the technical support we provide is of A1 quality, we have as a premise to make your equipment work as long as you have to maintain it or require a repair for the natural wear of parts through the years, these impact minimally on your business

CNC routers or milling machines are teams that work under very harsh conditions, are subject to vibration, dust, debris, etc. and their components are subjected continuously to much friction, so they demand more attention regarding manufacturing quality, but also a timely, economic and fast technical support.

We put at your disposal different means of support and the best technical support available in the market:

Person to person

We visit the place where your router is operating, and we give you personalized assistance quickly.

Free Phone

We put at your disposal the technical support line +407 851 5525. You can call us from all Latin America and receive immediate assistance if it is something simple or schedule a conference or visit.

Skype Videoconferences

To support it more economically, we have the Skype user soportequstomcnc which we use to make video conferences and to answer their technical questions

YouTube channel

Qustom CNC has support channels on YOUTUBE in English and Spanish, where you will find tips, how to quickly solve the most common technical problems and much more. Find the channel Qustom CNC Support.

Support Group on Facebook

It is not a channel of the company or that we administer, but it is also an efficient means of help called Qustom CNC Routers Owners, in this closed group you can ask or give help to other owners or operators when joining.

Printed or Digital Material

We have available printed or downloadable manuals for operation, installation, and preventive maintenance.