To be able to explain what a CNC router or router is, it is necessary to first understand that it is a CNC (COMPUTERIZED NUMERIC CONTROL), for this we must basically interpret the meaning of its abbreviation, in Spanish it would be  CONTROL NUMERICO COMPUTARIZADO and its name explains it Widely, but the significant advantage is that being able to control the movement of the machine at that level, we can manufacture parts or items as accurate as we need them, without the classic errors of the molds that require rectification or subsequent polishing work.

A CNC router is a machine that, through a varied range of specialized bits or blades for different materials and finishes, a spindle or motor that spins the bits at very high revolutions and an automated movement with X / Y / Z axes that , controlled by computer, allows to make cuts, engravings, devastated in different materials metals and nonmetals to achieve pieces or products with a high level of detail.

These milling machines are manufactured in different structures and work areas, being the most popular work areas:


Regarding the structures, it is possible to find them in these variants:


Regarding engines or spindles, the most popular are: