Successful Clients

Company located in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, very close to the industrial parks and shopping centers, specializing in the manufacture of metal signs and numbers in stainless steel and aluminum, also offers maquila services with our router H2-2500V which I bought in the year 2015

The Administrator, Mr. Alejandro Trejo, tells us that the CNC router is a fundamental tool for them, since they cut the sheets mainly of aluminum for the production of advertisements, indicating the following: “Since we acquired the router, we have been able to expand our range of services to customers that require aluminum ads, before we only did it in stainless steel with the laser machine, this year we are planning to buy another machine since we do not supply ourselves and we also want to start the manufacture of acrylic signs “.

Mr. Piero Lombardi tells us by telephone: “When we decided to buy a second router for our factory, we saw once again that we had to wait 90 days for a local supplier to send it to us, we were interested, we already have experience importing since We do with some of the materials that we integrate into our furniture, it’s straightforward, so we ask ourselves: And why do not we import a router ourselves? Total, we never ask for support, we give maintenance to ourselves, and it is an incredibly simple thing to do, so we are encouraged, we search the Internet for the options, and we decided on Qustom CNC since we realized that we would also save a lot of “twine” (money). We contacted the US office, and our team was in port in 45 days. “

We asked Would I recommend other people to invest in a Qustom CNC router? Moreover, he replied: “Yes, but only if they are not from here of Soldini hahaha.” He laughs, hinting that he does not want any more competition.

This is a factory of metal, acrylic and printed signs located in Lima, Peru, its owners in Mr. Agustín Quispe and brothers visited us at the fair SGIA Show in Orlando in the year 2013, but it was not until the year 2,016 that they dared to Invest and buy your Qustom CNC router. They made the import directly from our factory in Hangzhou, China, to save on the price and shipping costs.

Mr. Quispe comments: “I had already decided to buy the router for years when I met them, it was only a matter of time, to find the right time and clear to have the money” he continues: “I had no experience buying abroad or importing, but you know, Peruvians are entrepreneurs, and I do not regret it, a technician came from Mexico, and I install and teach to operate the machine, everything was in 2 days, now we are thinking of buying a song folder to make 3D letters “.

Esta fabrica ubicada en el corazón de la zona industrial y artesanal de Tlaquepaque utiliza un router CNC modelo H2-2500V para fabricar muebles de madera y MDF.

Nos cuenta su jefe de producción el Sr Antonio Mendoza: “Somos una fábrica que le maquila muebles a varias marcas conocidas y ellos a su vez les venden a importantes cadenas e venta de muebles de oficina y casa, por lo tanto la exigencia en cuanto a control de calidad y tiempos de entrega es muy alta, aceptamos y afrontamos penalidades y caso de incumplimiento por ello necesitamos que nuestro equipamiento sea de última tecnología y con las características técnicas más completas, tenemos varios routers y algunos ya estaban obsoletos”.

Le preguntamos ¿Porque decidió usted por Qustom CNC? Y nos respondió: “Visité y probé sus máquinas, me animé y recomendé al sueño su opción principalmente porque Cesar conoce de la industria y hablábamos el mismo idioma, claro también sus routers cumplían con lo que buscábamos”

El Sr Marcos Xicoténcatl confió en QUSTOM CNC en el año 2017 y adquirido un router multipropósito modelo H1-1313C para modernizar su taller y fabricar muebles de madera y artículos artesanales. Él ya tenía amplia experiencia en el negocio ya que aprendió el oficio de sus padres y esta llevando el negocio familiar al siguiente nivel.

El Sr Xicoténcatl nos comenta: “Yo realmente estaba con muchas dudas si debía modernizar o no nuestra fabrica ya que siempre fabricamos nuestros muebles y artesanías como nos enseñaron, como se supone debía ser, pero es verdad que debemos aceptar que esto finalmente es un negocio y ya nos habíamos quedado atrasados respecto a otras fábricas, lo que ellos podían hacer nos superaba y nos costaba vender cada vez más, la gente prefiere comprar algo que impresione”.